Episode 4 | Peppa's visit to Zoo | Peppa loves animals | Life of Peppa pig


Daddy pig and Mummy pig have decided to take Peppa to the Zoo today alongwith her best friend Suzy sheep. Peppa is excited to see lots of animals at the Zoo like Giraffe, Monkey, Tiger, Panda, Peacock, Elephant, Duck, Fishes and Peppa's favourite Lion. This is a very exciting episode specially if you are a Zoo lover and get thready for a thrilling ride to the Zoo. This video is part of series of upcoming videos on the life of Peppa pig so stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more such videos. Please donot forget to LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE this video to support us. Thank you and stay safe! :)

Watch the video below to enjoy this episode. Have fun!

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