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                     Meet the Team behind the camera :



 aka Peppa - The star of the show - She is the 
reason we have this website and a big fan of Peppa pig show and toys. Saanvi is playing the voiceover role of Peppa and encouraging us to make new videos using latest Peppa pig toys.

Akash aka Daddy pig - He is a software engineer by profession so you can imagine all the computer related tasks are performed by him. Akash plays the voiceover role of Daddy pig in the videos and take care of geek tasks like video editing, dialogue writing, thinking out of the blue for story plots for each episode. We make sure our content and ideas for each episode are original and entertaining for our viewers.

Karishma aka Mummy Pig - She is a lawyer by profession and a pro in her artistic capabilities. She plays the voiceover role for Mummy pig in the videos and makes sure that the entire setup is decorated according to the theme. From cute tiny Peppa dresses to the full background of the set, everything is managed by her and you can also notice her lovely hands guiding the characters in the videos.

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